If former New York Yankee Derek Jeter's game-worn socks are worth big bucks, why isn't a world champion rodeo cowboy's spurs also worth a premium?  How about a buckle won by your personal hero at your favorite rodeo?  Wouldn't rodeo fans like to own a piece of history?  And most of all, shouldn't professional rodeo athletes, some of the most talented athletes in any sport, have the same opportunity to market their image, awards and gear like other professional athletes from other major sports like the NFL, Major League Baseball and the NBA? These were some of the questions that drove Brandon Steiner and his partner Jeff Sharp to develop a world-class website to help professional rodeo athletes market the treasures of their sport.


In 2012, Rodeo Cowboy Collectibles was formed based on the simple principle of giving back to a sport that Brandon and Jeff are passionate about.  The concept for the business is to create an untapped income stream for the professional rodeo athlete by marketing their authenticated competition equipment, gear and awards; their memorabilia.  First and foremost to the partners is that the athlete must benefit first; the athletes are the reason that these items are valuable and unique.  For example, a Severe Brothers saddle from the Pendleton Round-Up is a rare and special item.  Rodeo Cowboy Collectibles is marketing one of these saddles which was won by Seven Time PRCA World Champion Jake Barnes in 2003; it is truly a one of a kind collectible. 


The challenge is to create that continuous income stream for the athlete as well as providing truly unique memorabilia items to rodeo fans at an affordable price.  To solve these challenges Rodeo Cowboy Collectibles not only offers these original collectibles but has also created a line of custom designed posters centered around an athlete’s most valuable memorabilia.  This concept was used by Rodeo Cowboy Collectibles to create a very unique display item related to the career of two time PRCA World Champion Team Roper Joe Glenn, who was inducted into the ProRodeo Hall of Fame in 2007.  This beautiful custom poster of Joe’s world championship saddle is an intricate part of Joe's Hall of Fame display in Colorado Springs.  Another benefit of this program is that it allows the athlete, and or their family, to retain truly unique memorabilia items, such as world championship buckles or saddles, but also share the item and the athlete's career with rodeo fans and the world.

Another reality is that the sentimental value of these rodeo treasures to an athletes descendants may decrease as the generations move on; the great grandson of a famous steer wrestler may just see that shiny buckle as a source of quick cash!  With an ounce of gold worth over $1,0000 the buckle may then be lost forever if it is melted down.  Rodeo Cowboy Collectibles is also concerned about the preservation of rodeo history and the legacy these items represent.  Rodeo Cowboy Collectibles markets the rare and historic items as well.   Brandon remarked, "we have heard from rodeo legend family members and others that they need to convert these items to cash but didn't  want the items to be lost to history, so we knew we needed to create a way for these people to sell them." 


For instance, a man in California found an award certificate in a storage locker from the 1912 Pendleton Round-up won by Bertha Blanchett, one of the greatest cowgirls of any generation.  Rodeo Cowboy Collectibles was able to confirm the authenticity of the certificate, a critical aspect for any piece of memorabilia.  Additionally, Brandon was able to locate a picture of Bertha competing in the relay race at the 1912 Round-Up and the two items are being framed to museum quality standards and will be offered for sale on the website.  An important benefit of purchasing your memorabilia from Rodeo Cowboy Collectibles is that with every piece of memorabilia marketed they assign a quality grade and a certificate of authenticity, complete with a security hologram, so that the collector knows that their piece of history is legit.


So today, Rodeo Cowboy Collectibles, through their website RCCSTORE.COM, is working to bridge the gap between athletes and their fans by creating a line of memorabilia items that are suitable and affordable for any level collector.  From inexpensive items like a custom designed autographed poster of nine-time PRCA world champion Tom Ferguson’s Calgary Stampede calf roping bronze trophy to the actual chaps worn by 1998 PBR World Champion Michael Gaffney in the "Last Man Standing" competition last spring, there is something for everyone.  And they even sell items for those who aren't sports memorabilia collectors; they sell a custom designed line of hats, shirts and sweatshirts with their distinctive RCC "brand" logo.  One last note, Rodeo Cowboy Collectibles donates 5% of all net proceeds to the charities listed on their site.  Yet another way for Rodeo Cowboy Collectibles to give back to the great sport of rodeo.