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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know your items are authentic?

Acquiring your favorite piece of autographed memorabilia can be one of the most exciting investments you can make – as long as it is authentic.  At Rodeo Cowboy Collectibles, the integrity of each piece of our hand-signed rodeo cowboy collectibles is paramount.  Rodeo Cowboy Collectibles guarantees the authenticity of your hand-signed rodeo cowboy collectible. Rodeo Cowboy Collectibles representatives witness athlete singings and each athlete signs an affidavit.  A tamper-resistant security seal is affixed to each item and a Rodeo Cowboy Collectibles Certificate of Authenticity with the matching hologram accompanies each piece.  This is your assurance that your autographed rodeo cowboy memorabilia is 100% authentic.

Can I have an item personalized?

Yes, Rodeo Cowboy Collectibles will make every effort to have your item personalized.  This is a great gift idea for birthdays, graduations or that special corporate client.

I saw a piece of rodeo memorabilia on ebay for a less expensive price, why?

Rodeo Cowboy Collectibles deals directly with professional rodeo cowboys and their agents and therefore our product is 100% authentic.  Because your hand-signed rodeo cowboy memorabilia is a valuable investment, Rodeo Cowboy Collectibles will not sacrifice quality for price.

Does Rodeo Cowboy Collectibles buy memorabilia?

Rodeo Cowboy Collectibles does not purchase memorabilia from the open market. Authenticity is paramount at Rodeo Cowboy Collectibles and we either witness or verify every collectible before we affix the RCC seal to the product. If an item can be authenticated, Rodeo Cowboy Collectibles does market items on a consignment basis. Please contact a Customer Care Representative for more information about our process.

Will Rodeo Cowboy Collectibles authenticate and appraise my memorabilia?

Whenever possible, Rodeo Cowboy Collectibles will use our exclusive contacts with rodeo’s elite athletes to authenticate a customer’s item. Rodeo Cowboy Collectibles can provide a recommended price range for the value of an item based on similar item’s sales.  Rodeo Cowboy Collectibles can only guarantee the authenticity of items that carry the RCC seal and certificate of authenticity.