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Rodeo Cowboy Collectibles Product Grading System

 Grade #1  Very Poor  Worn out, Almost All Markings Unreadable, Dirty, Heavily Damaged 
 Grade #2  Poor  Worn Out, Most Markings Unreadable, Dirty, Significant, Damage
 Grade #3  Marginal  Heavily Used, Significant Wear, Some Markings Intact, Dirty, Some Damage  
 Grade #4  Below Avg  Heavily Used, Above Average Wear, Some Markings Intact, Dingy, Slight Damage
 Grade #5  Average  Moderate Use, Normal Wear From Everyday Use, Many Markings Intact, Mostly Clean, Slight Damage
 Grade #6  Good  Some Use,  Below Average Wear, Most Markings Intact, Clean, No Damage
 Grade #7  Very Good  Some Use, Limited Wear, Almost All Markings Intact, Not Shiny, Clean, No Damage
 Grade #8  Fine  Light Use, Almost No Wear,  All Markings Intact, Clean With Some Shine, No Damage
 Grade #9  Very Fine  Very Light Use, Almost No Wear,  All Markings Intact, Details Stand Out, Feels Like New, Clean & Mostly Shiny, No Damage
 Grade #10  Pristine  Never Used, No Wear, Clean & Shiny, In the Box